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Beam Shows consist of laser beams passing through a hazy  atmosphere to create overhead lighting effects. While these types of shows are typically seen in musical concerts, they can be applied to a different variety of events. 

* Note: Beam shows require haze in a facility in order to work. And may require additional costs of an off duty fire marshal depending on venue

*Note: XYZ Beamz cannot offer audience scanning effects at the current time

Beam Shows:

Logos and Graphics:

  One up your displays with laser produced graphics. Customers give us their logos, and graphics. It is then turned into a laser image to be projected onto a surface.   These projections can be projected onto screens, walls and a variety of surfaces.

Laser Console Control and On Site LSO:

Lighting designers who ask for use of lasers via lighting console. XYZ Beamz can integrate our lasers into a variety of professional lighting console brands. We are also users and owners of a Grand MA2 Command wing.

We also offer on site Laser Safety Officer supervision. To ensure your show goes off safely and beautifully.

Pangolin Dealer:

XYZ Beamz is proud to be an authorized dealer for Pangolin Laser Systems. The leader in laser show controls and professional laser equipment distribution.

With our friends over at Pangolin, we can help in acquiring top of the line products  for your laser system. Please contact us for more details.

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