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Intense, Mesmerizing, Sharp

Light Coverage Over All Axes

Welcome to  XYZ Beamz

Based out of Edmonton, Alberta, XYZ Beamz proudly provides laser light shows and productions for the west and mid west areas of Canada. From small night clubs to large event halls, we offer a variety of show types and sizes. Events requiring lasers can be assured that XYZ Beamz can provide all the necessities to put on stunning shows.

Please have a look around to see previous work and a list of services we have to offer.

XYZ Beamz is a corporate member of the International Laser Display Association (ILDA).

An organization dedicated to creating safe, standardized, beautiful laser light shows. 

As well, we are certified Laser Safety Officers (LSO) for laser light shows. Giving you not only captivating performances, but a guarantee that your show will be safe.

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